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On Jul. 20, 1970

Yiyuan Glass Factory was founded, manfacturing Amber wide-mouth bottles.

In Mar. 1976,

Transfers to the field of antibiotic vials, which opened a new chapter for the prosperous development of the company.

In 1977,

It ended the history of producing yellow round bottles because of running in the red.

In 1986,

The handcraft production line was changed to digital control FG I. S. Machine from Wuhan.

On Aug.13, 1987,

It merged Yiyuan Pharmaceutical Glass Factory, which enlarge its annual production capability to 800 million and lays the foundation of No. 1 in China for the annual production of antibiotic vials.

In 1987,

The 7.5ml bottle was first exported to Pakistan.

In May, 1988,

Yiyuan Glass Factory was changed to Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Company.

In 1989,

The annual production reached more than 1.9 billions, which cover 1/3 of the country’s total output.

In June,1990,

The workshop of glass tubing, ampoule and tubular wares were built. They take one year and a half.

In 1993,

The company was appraised as the 500 top enterprises of building material industry in China by the State Statistics Bureau.

In Mar, 1993.

Mr Wen Chai was promoted to be the director of Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Plant. He initiated a slow and sure method, developing the enterprise by rolling their own.

In 1993,

the company reformed the stock system, 59.8% of production and operation of net assets was converted into national stock 13,628,800, 40.2% was collected from social corporate and interior employee for 9,180,000 stocks.

In 1994,

Jointed the former Yimeng Xinhua Pharmaceutical Factory to be group company.

In July,1996,

The first Emhart 6 Section TG I.S. Machine was introduced.

In 1998,

The company made a new record of rebuilding furnace in 19 days in China.

In June of 1998,

Three sections of Wuhan Machine replaced the handcraft machine in the No.1 workshop, which is symbol of end of the handcraft machine.

In 2002

The first workshop for high grade amber glass bottle is completed

On June, 3, 2002,

The company listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In July,2002

The workshop for butyl rubber stoppers start to construct, which is last for 9 months and put into production in April of 2003. The annual production capability reaches to 4.2 billion pcs.

In April, 2003

Six staffs from different departments visited Daiichi-glass in Japan to learn the advanced technology and management experience

In March,2003,

The No.6 workshop with advanced international standard begins to build, which is equipped with Emhart EF3 machine and the annual production capability reach to 500 million pcs.

In Nov. 2003,

Started Manufacturing Flip Off,plastic bottles.

June, 2003,

Passed ISO9001 Quality Management Certification,and also ISO14001, OHASA18001.

In 2005,

Independent R & D Borosilicate Molded Glass Vials in China.

In 2007,

Cartridge and prefilled syringe plant was in preparing to construct, which entry into the top market of pharmaceutical packaging.

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